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The story of Tree Huggers Network


The environment is our home. It provides us with a good place to live. Sometimes, we make it messy. Sometimes, we clean it up. Everybody’s actions make an impact, for better or for worse, because we are all living in the same place. At times, we are motivated to do better, at other times, we want to give up and ignore it.


We are sometimes worried that things are going the wrong way. In our anger and grief, we shout and scream at others and tell them all the things that are going wrong. They may react defensive and won’t listen. Would you? It can be frustrating that it’s so difficult.


We believe in the power of our own strength. Every little thing we do to make it better is good, because it brings us closer to where we want to be. If we show and tell others what we are doing in a positive and encouraging way, we may inspire them to do something too and if not, we just keep going.


We provide things that can help you in your daily live, are better for the environment and inspire others to take care of the environment. We support you in your endeavors for a better environment. We are Tree Huggers Network.




We hope that people will take care of the environment as if it is their home.




We want to help people to take care of the environment in their daily lives.


How we want to be different 


We make our products in the most environmentally friendly way we can so that they can benefit you in your daily life without causing negative side effects to the environment.

We try to make our products with environmentally friendly materials that can be either recycled or composted after the products are not being used anymore. In this way we can create products over and over again without damaging the environment.

Our products are made to last. We want to extent the lifespan of our products so that the stress put on the environment to produce new products happens less frequently, giving it more time to recover.

We want to promote fair working conditions by contributing to higher living standards. 


What we offer


We offer clothing and merchandise.


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